If you found 51 thousand in your bank account and spent it – Are you a criminal?

A single mother who went on a “massive spending spree” after a bank accidentally deposited €51,000 into her bank account has received a suspended jail sentence.

The girl spent the money on items for her two children including bedclothes, clothes and shoes, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard. Referring to the money lodged the Judge said “If it’s too good to be true it is because it is too good to be true”.

The woman pleaded guilty to 13 counts of theft of cash from Bank of Ireland on dates between 7 March and 16 March 2013. Between large ATM withdrawals and money spent in shops and restaurants, a total of €24,946 was taken. Is it fair that this woman got off lighter? Or do you think she made a silly mistake that any of us would have made so leave her be.

Have you sympathy for this girl?

This got ugly! Take a listen!

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