Would you support animal testing if it improved human life?

Would you support animal testing if it improved human life?

It has been revealed that more than 100,000 live animals have been used for biomedical research by Trinity College Dublin.

Rats, mice, pigs and rabbits have been used in biomedical research at Trinity since 2012

Last year 24,990 were bought by the university for use in experiments at a cost of €310,000, with a further €10,000 spent disposing of the carcasses.

The current regulation around animal testing in Ireland is that the use of animals for scientific purposes is permitted only in cases where there is no alternative method of experimentation.

The number of animals used for research at TCD during 2016 increased almost four-fold compared to the previous year – drawing criticism from animal rights activists.

Yvonne Smalley, chairperson of the Irish Anti-vivisection Society accused the University of having a ‘gung ho’ approach to animal suffering and called for stricter regulation.

According to a spokesperson for Trinity College, animal studies are conducted at the college only when they will contribute to the advancement of knowledge that is likely to lead to the improvement of the health and welfare of animals and human beings.

Today I want to know what you think of animal testing – is it necessary or cruel?

Do you care that animals are being scientifically tested on if it can safe or even improve the life of a human being?

Animal testing is being done worldwide to improve drugs for diseases and for cosmetics.

Cosmetic animal testing doesn’t happen as much anymore after years of protests.

But animals are often tested for drugs to fight disease.

We are talking about research for cancers or motor neuron disease. They are pretty horrific diseases and conditions so would you really care if an animal was tested?

Maybe you think it is cruel and that in 2017 there should be another way to test medications instead of hurting or killing innocent animals.

So do you support animal testing if it can improve human life?

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