Should a ban be placed on evictions until the housing crisis improves?

Should a ban be placed on evictions until the housing crisis improves?

An extra 488 children became homeless in Ireland last month, with a total number of families in emergency accommodation now over 1,700.

The government last week published its latest report for February, with the figure for homeless adults at 6,052 and the number of homeless children at 3,755.

In an opinion piece with TheJournal.ie this morning, Fr Peter McVerry claimed that the majority of people and families who are becoming newly homeless have been evicted from the private rented sector.

He suggested that “It should be made illegal for the next three years for banks or vulture funds or landlords to evict people onto the street, except in extreme circumstances such as refusal to pay rent or antisocial behaviour,”

Today I want to know what you think – given the current housing situation – should evictions be illegal for three years as suggested.

I read some comments online and there are mixed views on the subject.

Have a listen to some of them;

One person said; No. If you can’t pay for the property you’re living in, you have no rights to be there. End of. The property owner can’t be expected to cover the cost of the tenants living there for free.

Another person said; absolutely bananas, fine if people are genuine but honestly who would want to be a landlord these days

While it seems the majority of people think this idea would be crazy idea there are some who feel the family dwelling needs to be protected. Some say that the banks were bailed out yet the people are being forgotten about.

They say there are genuine cases out there that are being forgotten about.

I know that the issue of strategic defaulting is a concern that many people would have. They would think that people who can’t be evicted for a number of years won’t pay their mortgage.

But what about those who are struggling, they are trying to make ends meet, but ultimately end up out of their home and into a situation where they have no house and are forced into hotels.

I want to know what you think of this. Maybe you are in that situation and believe there should be more protection for families.

Or maybe you disagree completely and think this suggestion is ridiculous.

I want to know what you think.

So – should a ban be placed on evictions until the housing crisis improves?

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