Is it emotional abuse to deny your partner sex?

Emotional abuse in a relationship can come in many forms. From insults to the silent treatment it can all takes it toll. However we saw an interesting article about a debate that has been taking place in parts of South East Asia and it really got us talking here in the office.

We’ve all had arguments with our partners and it has either ended up with shouting matches or the cold shoulder. Sometimes you banned to the spar room or the sofa for a night. Of course any intimacy is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

But what happens if the arguments are finished and your partner lets you back into the bedroom BUT they refuse to have sex with you?

I can hear the giggles and the laddish comments from some of you listening but I want you to seriously think about this. What if one partner is intentionally refusing to have sex with you as punishment for an argument or out of pure bitterness towards you?

Or let me give you another scenario where your partner asks you to do something for them and sex is the pay off for you complying.

In both instances sex is being used as a tool to either reward or punish the other partner. I know that this happens to many people all over the country. I wonder if people will be brave enough to admit that they have experienced this or if they have inflicted this behaviour on their partner.

Look – if you’re in a relationship – married or committed – sex is one of the key elements of that partnership. It’s the most intimate thing that two people can do together.

So if you deny your partner sex, are you trying to control their emotions and the relationship? I just want people to be honest tonight.

If your partner denies you sex is that a form of emotional abuse?

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