Would you leave a partner if they didn’t want children?

Would you leave a partner if they didn’t want children?

I want you to have a listen to this listener’s situation.

Hi Niall,

I have one for you that you could talk about on your show. A mate of mine was telling me about a dilemma he is in at the moment. Let me tell you the story. He recently got engaged to a lovely girl. They were dating almost two years and are head over heels for each other. He popped the question about a month ago and everything seemed rosy in the garden. Until now!

He told me that they were at a family dinner and one of his elderly aunts was talking about the wedding. She was joking with them and said once the wedding was over she wanted to see a little nipper brought into the family. Obviously talking about them having a baby! His fiancé then said that it wouldn’t be happening and that she never wants children. My mate said that it just went quiet at the dinner and they moved on from the subject.

When they got home he confronted her about it and she said that children are just not something she wants and she doesn’t see herself being a mother. He was shell shocked. He always thought, as we all do, that children and a family would be a natural progression. He didn’t think they needed to have a conversation about it until now.

He is completely torn and was upset telling me the story. He said that he thought he would become a father in his 30s and he thought everything was starting to fall into place with his beautiful fiancé.

He doesn’t know what to do. I’ll be honest, I told him to run for the hills. I told him that his happiness needed to come first but he said he didn’t want to lose his fiancé because he is in love with her. He started saying stuff like should he respect her views and that he shouldn’t have just assumed she wanted children. He said he has taken the plunge now and it would be wrong of him to call off the engagement. I completely disagree with him but I thought maybe this might be something for you to talk about on your show.

Am I being unreasonable to think he should run for the hills and call off the engagement?

I don’t know what you think of this situation.

Do you think the friend is right? Should this man call off his engagement because his fiancé doesn’t want children?

Or should he respect her views and not expect her to change for him?

I know you are all thinking that the simple option is for them to go their separate ways but what if you are head over heels for someone and don’t want to lose them?

Would you stick by them hoping that one day they might change their minds?

I want to know what you think of this –

Do you think this guy should call off the engagement because the fiancé doesn’t want children?

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