Do you think there is anything wrong with allowing a young boy wear a dress in public?

Do you think there is anything wrong with allowing a young boy wear a dress in public?

I want to ask you that today because of a story in the UK. A proud mum has slammed haters who mock her five-year-old son for wearing princess dresses and tiaras by saying: “If you don’t like him, don’t look”.

Disney-mad Riley asked for a Cinderella gown for his fourth birthday and has both his ears pierced.

The now five-year-old is often met with stares and whispers when out in public and has been called a girl by his classmates because of his appearance.

His mother Charlie has now defended her son and said when it comes to children expressing themselves, gender shouldn’t be an issue.

She said that people have told her that she shouldn’t let her son wear a dress.

She believes that it is ridiculous to assume that girls should wear dresses and boys shouldn’t and that parents should just let their children be who they want to be.


So, today I want to know what you think – should parents be more open and encourage their children to be who they want to be and wear what they want to wear.

Or should they discourage this behaviour for fear of them being bullied?

As much as we try to stamp out bullying and focus on the bully, we cannot deny that kids will be kids and they will say what they want without realising they are hurting someone else.

Should we as parents protect our children from possible bullying?

Or should we encourage them to do what they want and ignore the bullying?

Is this mother right to allow her 5 year old son wear a dress in public?

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