Would you have any issue with an injection centre going in near you?

Would you have any issue with an injection centre going in near you?

The HSE has launched the search for a facility in Dublin where drug users can inject themselves in a safe environment.

A tender has just been published on the Government’s etenders website seeking “suitably qualified and experienced service providers” to submit applications to provide a medically supervised injecting facility in Dublin city centre area.

It said the service will provide for adults who use drugs “who are on the premises of the supervised injecting facility with the permission of the licence holder, for the purposes of consuming drugs by injection only”.

The legislation said the proposed facilities would provide a controlled environment for drug users to self-administer, by injection, drugs they have brought with them.

It also said the facilities would provide access to clean, sterile injecting equipment and have trained staff on hand to provide emergency care in the event of an overdose, as well as advice on treatment and rehabilitation.

The bill said the rooms would alleviate the problems associated with injecting on the street, including drug-related litter. It also exempts users from the offence of possession when in the facility and operators for allowing drugs on their premises.

While this pilot centre is being set up for Dublin city centre, there have been calls for such a facility in other areas, such as Cork City.

Currently, there are 88 such facilities to be found across Europe.

The arguments for it are that these people are going to inject themselves anyway and it would serve the purpose of having them do it in a medically supervised facility.

The benefits are that they will get these junkies off the street. They will supervise how much they are taking. They will provide clean needles which will stop the spread of HIV.

We have a huge problem with drug addiction in this country and it’s time we attempted something different to try and tackle it.

However some people believe that this is just hiding the problem and not actually tackling the drug issue in the country.

Have a listen to this message we got in to the show.

Why is the Government focusing so much time on junkies? If they choose to take drugs then why should we have to give them a facility to do it? I certainly would not want one in my area. 

So what do you think of this message?

There is no doubt that something needs to be done to tackle drugs but is an injection centre the way to do it?

Would you be against a supervised drug injection centre going in your area?

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