Is there anything wrong with a father taking his daughter into a public loo?

Is there anything wrong with a father taking his daughter into a public loo?

I want to ask you this because a mother left viewers outraged on ITV’s ‘This morning’ after she claimed fathers should never take their daughters to the ladies’ toilets.

Journalist and mother-of-four Claire Muldoon said she would even consider asking a father to leave if he brought his daughter into the toilet, arguing it was about protecting women’s ‘modesty’.

She provoked further outrage when she suggested fathers should instead take their children to disabled toilets, even when they did not need the specialist facilities.

Dozens of shocked viewers took to Twitter to blast the journalist, saying her views made their ‘blood boil’.

One wrote: ‘Jeez what is the problem with a dad taking a 3-4 year old daughter into a gent’s loo if their little one need to go? Stop making issues out of things that really don’t need to be blown out of proportion.’

The debate was started after a Mumsnet user revealed how she had told her husband he can’t take their daughter into the ladies’ toilets because other women ‘don’t like it’.

Claire was invited to discuss the issue on This Morning alongside commentator Susie Jones, who argued people were being overly prudish about the issue.
Claire furiously disagreed, saying only women should take both girls and boys into the ladies’ toilets with them.

She also said that she would not advocate any young girl into the depths, the darkest parts of the male toilets because they absolutely reek. If there’s no facility with the ladies loos while not use the disabled loo? It will be quicker, there’s more room and the father can actually deal with it.’

I am going to speak to Clare in a moment but before I do I want to know if you agree with her.

Is there something wrong with a father taking his daughter into either the male or female toilets?
As a father, I know what those days were like when your daughter needs the loo and the missus or another female is not with you.

Do you let her go alone into the ladies or do you take her into the gents with you?

It’s a difficult situation.

I don’t know if I would have ever gone into the ladies toilets with my daughter because I don’t think if a grown man going in with his daughter is appropriate but I know that many men would take their daughter into the gents. Do you see anything wrong with that?

I want to know what you think.

So – is there anything wrong with a father bringing his daughter into the gent’s toilets?

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