Would you judge a person if they held a full on funeral for their pet?

Would you judge a person if they held a full on funeral for their pet?

The reason I want to ask you that is because of an email we got into the show. Have a listen to it.

Hi Niall,

Have you ever been invited to the funeral of a pet dog? Well I have and I would love for you to talk about this nonsensical thing on your show please.

My friend invited me to her dog’s funeral on Saturday just gone. I could not make this stuff up. Her dog passed away and she was obviously devastated. I sympathised with her of course when it happened but when she asked me to go to the funeral I really thought it was taking the biscuit. She also took a full week off work to mourn the death of Roxie.

She invited her family members and her friends and had a full on service for the dog.  It was actually held in a crematorium. Of course I didn’t go because personally I think the whole thing is completely outrageous. In my day, when the dog died we just buried it in the back garden, moved on and got a new dog. These days’ people are treating dogs like human beings and I think it is getting ridiculous.

My friend was pretty annoyed when I told her that I wasn’t going to the funeral but realistically, who would go to a dog funeral.

Can you talk about this on your show please – do people agree with me that pet funerals are ridiculous?


What do you think of Mark’s email? Do you think he is being unfair? Or do you agree with him and think that a funeral for a dog is absolutely ridiculous?

Would you go to a pet funeral?

It’s a strange one and one I don’t think we have ever spoken about on the show before.

Is a funeral for a pet over the top?

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