Would you judge someone who was a Sugar Baby?

Would you judge someone who was a Sugar Baby?

This phenomenon of Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationships – is where a younger woman has a relationship with a man who is older, wealthy and pays large sums of money for the company of a younger woman.

It has been in recent years something that was popular abroad bit NO MORE! It’s hit the Irish shores and there are plenty of young women signing up to be a Sugar Baby.

According to the company ‘Seeking Arrangement’– there are over 900 Irish Students signed up to the Sugar Baby Service.

At a private meeting in Dublin this Friday a team from ‘Seeking Arrangement’ will be on site to offer members one-on-one sessions about “how they can improve and optimise their dating lives”.

Niall spoke to Brook Urick who is the spokesperson for Seeking Arrangments.

Seeking Arrangement claims to have 9.3million active members – 7 million Sugar Babies and 2.3 million Sugar Daddies in 139 countries that now include Ireland.

Would you judge a woman or would you say fair play to her?

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