Do you agree with naming and shaming tax defaulters?

Do you agree with naming and shaming tax defaulters?

Broadcaster Tom McGurk was among a number of people included in Revenue’s latest tax defaulters list.

The presenter, best known for RTÉ’s rugby coverage as well as hosting radio shows, was hit with a €75,000 bill for under declaration of his income.

He had been billed nearly €43,000 but by the time interest and penalties had accrued, it added up to €75k. He has since paid his bill in full.

Horse trainer James Leavey from Kildare was also listed as owing Revenue over €2.24 million. Following its own investigation, Revenue determined that Leavey owed a tax bill of little over €1 million.

However, when interest and penalties were added, that figure, which is still unpaid, rose to €2.24 million.

Others named on the list included hospital consultants and hoteliers.

In total, there were 81 settlement cases published by Revenue today with a total value of €17,430,699.

34 of those cases were for amounts exceeding €100,000 – seven of those exceeded €500,000 and three were for sums of over €1 million.

Revenue said that the published settlements reflect only a portion of all its audits and investigations.

In the three month period to 30 September 2017, a total of 1,253 audits and investigations, together with 22,567 risk management interventions were settled.

This resulted in €138.65 million in tax, interest, and penalties being returned to the State.

Today I want to know if you agree with naming and shaming tax defaulters or if you think it is unfair.

After all, we don’t have a list available to the public of sex offenders, yet we have a public list of tax defaulters to be shamed.

In some cases, tax defaulters don’t default intentionally. In some cases, the expenses they declare are not accepted by the revenue.

Yes, there are cases were people genuinely evade tax but not all the time.

Tax audits can be very stressful and costly for those involved. Some people will say that naming and shaming them deters people from doing it again. However, with penalties and costs – isn’t that a deterrent enough?

Maybe you agree with naming and shaming and think it is proper order for anyone who is not paying the correct amount of tax.

I want to know what you think –

So –do you agree with naming and shaming tax defaulters?

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