Do you think vegans are attention seekers?

Do you think vegans are attention seekers?

We got an interesting email over the weekend. Have a listen to the email that came in.

Hi Niall,

I have something I want you to talk about on your show. Please don’t mention my name because I don’t want to be identified. My sister lived abroad and is coming home for Christmas. She recently called home to tell us that she is now vegan and that we need to have a completely different dinner for her.

I asked her why she has changed all of a sudden and she went on this rant about how meat is so bad for us and that we should research it all. She also brought up the animal cruelty and said that eating a defenceless turkey does not have to signify Christmas. She went on to say that she wants a completely different meal prepared for her because she doesn’t want any of the meat products to touch her food.

This same woman had no problem tucking into a turkey last year and even went for seconds. This year, Christmas dinner has to change for her.

My mother is a softy and said that of course she would do that but I am so annoyed that Christmas dinner has to be even more stressful now all because my sister is jumping on this vegan bandwagon.

It is attention seeking plain and simple. You only need to walk around town and see all the different restaurants with gluten free and vegan options. These fads are getting out of hand. Most of the people don’t have medical reasons to not eat gluten yet they do it anyway because it is the latest hipster trend.

It is ridiculous. Can you talk about this on your show? Do people agree with me that all these fad diets are attention seeking.

What do you think of this email?

Do you think the person is right? Are vegan’s attention seekers? Or do you think they should be respected for their choice?

I can understand why this person is angry considering their family Christmas dinner is going to be even more stressful than it needs to be.

But is the person over reacting by calling his sister an attention seeker? Or is he right?

I want to know what you think of this.

So – do you think vegans are attention seekers?

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