Should the voting age for referendum be reduced to 16?

Should the voting age be lowered to 16 in Ireland?

The citizen’s assembly made a number of recommendations yesterday relating to the conduct of referendums.

To increase turnout in referendums, members recommended allowing early voting and holding ballots on weekend.

The assembly also recommended lowering the voting age to 16.

In Scotland, the voting age was reduced to 16 for the 2014 independence referendum and was since extended to the Scottish parliament and local elections.

But should we do the same here?

As it stands, a person must be 18 before they can register to vote. Many people believe that is the right age because it is when a person starts becoming an adult.

The argument for lowering the age is that referendums on issues affect the younger generation too and that it is unfair to not let their voices be heard.

However, some will argue that their age is exactly why they shouldn’t vote as they believe they are simply not mature enough to make changes to our legislation through voting.

I want to know what you think:

Should the voting age for referendum be reduced to 16?

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