Would you give your water charges refund to the homeless?

Would you give your water charges refund to the homeless?

I want to ask you that today because homeless charities are urging people to do it. Anytime we talk about homelessness on this show I have people come on the show and pontificate about how the Government needs to do more.

Well now is the chance for you to do more and donate your money to help the homeless – will you do it?

The Simon Community, Focus Ireland and Peter McVerry Trust are planning a major national fundraising campaign to coincide with the upcoming Irish Water national repayment scheme, which will see €173m handed back to households over the coming months.

The refund project will be overseen by former head of the Workplace Relations Commission, Kieran Mulvey, and will ask people who can afford to donate to consider the plight of those without a home.

The group says that even a fraction of the total repayments could help deliver homes.

Mr Mulvey said “Homelessness is the greatest social problem facing post-recession Ireland.”Focus Ireland, Peter McVerry Trust and the Simon Community are at the forefront in trying to deliver much-needed investment in housing infrastructure.”

Further details will be announced over the coming weeks as to how people can donate, and the types of projects that will benefit. The most recent figures show a record total of 8,374 people homeless in Ireland. This includes 5,250 adults and 3,124 children.

Today I want to know if you would give your water refund to the homeless.

Would you donate it?

Or do you think that it is your money and you are not responsible for the homeless crisis in the country?

I want to know what you think – Will you donate your water charge refund to the homeless?

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