Is there anything wrong with getting a prostitute for your son?

Well this one had us debating in the office today. Have a listen to this email we received.


Have a problem with my son need you to help make the wife see sense.

My oldest lad is turning 21 and well… let’s just say he’s not cut from the same cloth as me. I was your typical jack the lad growing up but my son literally sits in his room playing play station when he isn’t at his part time job. He isn’t into the pub or nightclubs and literally has no idea how to speak to women.

There’s never been a girl round the house or even a mention of one on the scene.

Anyways to cut a story short I’m fairly sure my lad hasn’t lost his virginity yet- and I think as a man coming up to 21 there’s something wrong with that. I have spoken to him about it and he said he is just shy and not comfortable around girls.

So for his birthday I want to get him sorted- so if he’s embarrassed about the whole thing it might take the pressure off and give him some confidence.

I think it’s time to bring in a professional if you know what I mean. I was thinking of booking a lad’s weekend to Amsterdam and basically just letting him have fun.

Was talking to the wife about it and she’s hit the roof- thinks I’m being insensitive and irresponsible. But the lads an adult- I don’t see any problem with getting him a prostitute if it makes it easier for him to seal the deal and then meet proper girls in the long run. I don’t want my son to be a virgin at 21 or worse, older.

What do you reckon? Is the wife right or am I?

Look- he’s dead right no man I know would have wanted to be a virgin at 21.

But is getting your son a prostitute really the solution?

If I think back to my youth, I think I would have been horrified if my father suggested a weekend in Amsterdam with prostitutes.

But it was a different time and maybe these days parents are more liberal.

What do you think? Is there anything wrong with getting a prostitute for your son?

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