Interview with Greg Wilmot who laid his son Conor to rest yesterday – The Dangers of the Internet

ADULT WARNING – We spoke about this last week because TD Jim Daly has proposed new legislation that would see children banned from owning devices that have access to the internet. Today we spoke to Greg Wilmot who buried his 13 year old song Conor just yesterday.

Greg told us the tragic stoory of finding his son dead after what he believes to be a failed attempt to play the ‘Chocking Game’ as it is known on the internet.

Conor was laid to rest yesterday and during the service the priest warned mourners of the dangers of the internet.

Greg said he is absolutely certain that Conor did not lose his life through suicide but instead lost his life because of a stupid teenage accident gone wrong.

He also dismissed reports that Conor was being bullied or that his death was connected to the notorious online suicide game called Blue Whale. Gardai have no taken the teenagers phone and laptop to investigate it and his search history will ultimately tell all.

This is a must listen to podcast if you want to protect your child or relative!

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