Do you think it is inappropriate to breastfeed in public in front of children?

Do you think it is inappropriate to breastfeed in public in front of children?

We got an interesting email into the show that I want you to have a listen to.

It says;

Hi Niall,

I listened to your show yesterday about parenting and heard a caller talk about breastfeeding. It reminded me of something I saw at the weekend that maybe you might be interested in talking about.

I was out with my two young kids in a well known child friendly restaurant. I was treating the kids and we were having a bit of a day out.

Anyway a woman and her partner and their new baby were at the table next to us when all of a sudden she whipped out her breast for all to see and started to breastfeed. She didn’t cover up at all and was almost exhibitioning what she was doing for all to see.

My children who are 8,5 and 3 saw her and started to ask me what she was doing and why she had her lady bits out. They were giggling but I was so uncomfortable!

I am a mother and have breastfed my children but if they needed to be fed in public I would go to a quiet room and if I couldn’t I would completely cover myself so that nobody could see me.

It is not that I was embarrassed but I would have respect for other people who might be uncomfortable. Lately I am seeing this trend of women who just do not have any respect for other people around them just like this woman I saw at the weekend.

There were many parents with their children and she did not care. She had it all out for everyone to see.

I am pro breastfeeding myself but I think we need to have a little bit of decorum about it in public.

Can you please talk about this on your show?


What do you think of this woman’s message? Do you think she has a point?

Is it inappropriate to breastfeed in public when other people even kids are around?

Or do you think she is wrong, that it is a natural thing to do and there is no reason to feel uncomfortable around it?

I asked people around the office today and some said it was no big deal and people need to get over themselves. Others said they would be uncomfortable if a woman breastfed in front of them.

So it was fairly split down the middle.

Today I want to know what you think of this email.

Do you think this woman is wrong or can you understand where she is coming from?

So – do you think there is something inappropriate about breastfeeding in public?

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