Is it time to boycott the TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here’?

Ireland – Animal rights campaigners are today urging Irish television viewers to switch channels as the date for the 2017 ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ is announced for November 19. Each year the show promises to get even more gory and more graphic as the cruel use of animals and insects continues to rise with even more cruel ‘bushtucker trials.’

Last year, challenges have included eating live scorpions and beetles as well as chasing ostriches around a tiny enclosure. Other challenges ask celebrity participants to perform acts such as sticking their hands or heads into tanks filled with insects, arachnids, rodents, or fish; holding live animals in their mouths; crawling into small spaces on top of masses of rats or insects; and even eating live animals.

“Unlike the celebrity contestants who volunteer to be on the show, animals are not there by choice, and they deserve more than to be used in irresponsible and inhumane stunts in an attempt to boost ratings. All animals – not just the ones who are considered to be cute and cuddly – want to live free from harm, and none should be exploited for so-called entertainment. Switch on to entertainment that doesn’t involve abuse at the expense of other beings,” says animal rights campaigner and founder of the Irish animal rights group ARAN that ran for 20+ years, John Carmody.”

The animal rights campaigner also fears that insect and bug pizzas are winding their way to shops and restaurants in Ireland as the sale of such grotesque products are now on sale in Belfast.

Animal rights campaigners have called for a boycott of the controversial show. Should you?

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