BABY CHARLIE – Is it wrong that a child be taken off life support against the parents wishes?

Everyone is talking about the heartbreaking story of ‘Baby Charlie’. He is a 10 month old baby boy whose parents have been fighting through the courts to stop hospitals from turning off the life support system that he is on.

Charlie Gard, who has brain damage, is shortly to be taken off life support after a ruling against his parents by British courts and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Charlie’s parents want to take him to the United States in the hope that there may be some treatment for his mitochondrial disease, but the courts ruled that he should be allowed to die with dignity.

The Pope said “He prays for them, hoping that their desire to accompany and care for their child until the end is not disregarded.”

Even Donald Trump took time out from his daily tweets to say that the USA would be willing to help.

So it brings up the question as to who should have the right to decide if Baby Charlie – or any other child for that matter – should have the right to say when a child should be allowed to die.

Put yourself in the position of the patents who are fighting every second for their son to be kept alive. As a parent I would give my last breath to save my child and I’m sure that every other parent out there would feel the same. Your child is never meant to die before you!

But when does the time come when a parent needs to say goodbye? Baby Charlie’s parents only want the best for him. However scientists have overwhelmingly said that Charlie is brain dead and that allowing him to die will stop his prolonged pain and agony. So should his Parents not listen to the advice of the doctors? If they truly wanted the best for their son then they should let him die with dignity and stop his pain?

This is truly a case of should you listen to your “head of your heart”.

Is it wrong that this child – Baby Charlie – is being taken off life support against parent’s wishes?

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