How old is too old for a child to see a parent naked?

How old is too old for a child to see a parent naked?

Niall received an email into the show and it read

“Hi Niall, here’s a weird one for you to discuss. The other day I walked into my sister’s house and called her name. I have a key! She told me she was upstairs getting changed and to come up. I walked into her bedroom and she was standing there in a towel just out of the shower. She proceeded then to dry herself and drop her towel to get dressed. No big deal around me because we are sisters by my 8 year old nephew was sitting on the bed.

Straight away I said what are you doing? And told her she shouldn’t be getting changed in from of him. She said that it was no big deal; he is her son and its fine. I didn’t say much more because it’s not really my place but I really thought it was wrong. Surely at 8 years of age he should not be seeing his mother naked. Whatever about a child up to the age of 4 but anything after that is just a little weird in my opinion?

I was wondering could you discuss this – I know it’s a strange discussion but I really would be interested in hearing people’s opinion – is 8 years of age too old to be seeing a parent completely naked? Thanks.”


Maybe you are a parent who gets naked in front of his or her children and think its fine.

Or maybe you agree with this sister and think anything after the age of 4 is wrong.

Look most of us are parents and we know that with children, timing can be everything. You’re trying to get ready but your child simply will not leave you alone – is it ok to get changed in front of them?

So here’s the question tonight – how old is too old to get naked in front of your child?

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