Do you think home schooling is good or bad for children?

Do you think home schooling is good or bad for children?

During the week we spoke about jailing parents if they do not go to school. Well after that discussion we got a message from a mother who asked us to talk about home schooling as she is taking her children out of school in September to home school them.

At the moment in this country, for home schooling to be approved, children must be registered with the Education Welfare Board and it is an offence not to complete this registration process.


But is home schooling the right way to have your kids taught?

The argument is that if a parent wants to home school their children, they should be allowed to do it without any assessment.

Many people say that one of the major benefits a child gets from being in school is social skills and friendships. Being home schooled would mean that children do not socialize with friends during school, they do not do any of the occasions such as communion or confirmation with friends and some people believe it could isolate children from their peers.

Some people would go as far as calling it selfish – would you?

But maybe you think that’s no big deal and maybe you don’t agree with the education system in the country and believe home schooling would be much better.

Is homeschooling good or bad for children?

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