Would you allow your 13 year old daughter to go on the pill?

Sex education classes and birth control advertising are failing to curb teenage pregnancy rates according to research in  ‘The Times’.

We received a message to our Facebook page from a mother who highlighted this issue to us. Here take a listen to what she wrote.

“Hi Niall

I listen to the show all the time and hear people regularly asking for help with a dilemma that they’re facing. I’ve spoken to my husband about this and we are at logger heads with each other. Maybe your listeners could help?

Kids these days are more streetwise and whether I like it or not they’re growing up faster. Talking to them can only go so far. Action sometimes is the only way to deal with a situation.

I have a 13 year old daughter and she knows all about sex. She’s told me that a couple of her class mates in school are sexually active even at this young age.

I’ve talked to her all about waiting until she’s older but I just know that she is thinking about having sex. So the question I ask myself is do I ignore this OR do I help her stay safe and pregnant free?

My husband is of the opinion that we should have our daughter under lock and key and if he had his way she would never leave the house. That’s just ridiculous and I’ve told him so.

I had my daughter when I was a young teenager and I know what having a child that young can do to your life. I don’t want her to make the same mistake as me. I want her to live her life and not be tied down with a child.

If she’s going to have sex then I told my husband that I’d rather her be on the pill!  If she is irresponsible then at least we can make sure she doesn’t get pregnant.

 I know it sounds crazy as I’m writing this message BUT am I right to consider putting my 13 year old daughter on the pill? Can you and your listeners help? Susan”

WOW. Are kids that young having sex these days? Statistics would support that they are despite our efforts to teach them otherwise.

Is this a problem with the parents? Are they failing their children by not educating them or by setting a clear example of waiting to have sex when they are more mature to do so?

But as Susan said in her message – Kids are growing up faster and we can either stick our heads in the sand or we can deal with the fact head on.

Would you allow your 13 year old daughter to go on the pill?

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