Should cyclists who cycle in the city have to have insurance?

Should cyclists who cycle in the city have to have insurance?

This week is national bike week and to coincide with that a new survey was conducted. The survey covered a wide range of bike-related questions, from what we wear when cycling to when we first learned to cycle a bike.

In terms of taking precautions when cycling, there were low numbers of people wearing cycling specific clothing, with only 13% of survey respondents saying they did so.

Only 41% of people wear lights, 39% wear helmets and 29% wear reflective gear according to the survey.

Dublin had by far the highest number of daily cyclists, at 15%, with other regions of the country having much lower figures. Only 5% of people in Munster reported cycling daily.

At the launch of National Bike Week, Dublin Cycling Campaign’s Colm Ryder said that some people are wary of cycling in the city because they believe it can be dangerous.

He greatly supports having separate, dedicated cycle lanes on the quays and around the city centre, as he believes this would encourage more people to get on the bike instead of driving.

He said: We definitely want more and better quality routes so it can be ensured that cyclists stay safe around the city.

Plans are already well underway from Dublin City Council (DCC) to restrict traffic from cars in many areas of the city.

These plans include a civic plaza at College Green and the Liffey Cycle route, which see a continuous cycle path along the River Liffey, from Heuston Station to Dublin’s docklands and, in parts, incorporate a dedicated cycling boardwalk.

As it is national bike week I want to talk about those who cycle in the cities around the country.

Should all cyclists have insurance and a licence to cycle in the city? Many people have said in the past that they think they should.

We have heard stories from people who said they have had to swerve to avoid hitting a cyclist in the street and that they believe they have no consideration for drivers.

On the other hand, cyclists will say that the majority of them are safe drivers and that they shouldn’t have to answer for the minority.

The fact is that there is an increase in cycling in Irish cities because the government is promoting it. It is also a lot cheaper to cycle than to drive.

The problem is that there has been very little cycling infrastructure introduced which has lead to more accidents. .

Today I want to know if you think cyclists should be held accountable for their actions.

Authorities in Canada believe that licensing would hold cyclists accountable for their on-road behavior but critics say it would simply be a money grabber.

The facts are that cyclists often break lights, swerve in and out of traffic and basically put their lives at risk as well as the lives of drivers on the roads.

So is it time they at least have to take a test and get a license?

You might think that it’s unrealistic but it could be introduced.

I’m not asking if every cyclist should get a license. I’m not talking about the cyclist who rides in the park, or the kids that cycle their bikes around the estate. I’m talking about city cyclists.

If you choose to cycle in the boundaries of a city, should you have to pass a test, pay insurance and carry a registration plate?

Should cyclists have to pass a test and pay insurance to cycle in our cities?

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