Would you date someone who was bi-sexual?

Would you date someone who is bi-sexual?

We got an interesting email into the show. Have a listen to it.

Hi Niall,

Can you talk about something on your show for me? I recently starting dating a guy that I met online. We have been on a number of dates in the last three months. All was going well until he dropped a bombshell on me and I really do not know how to take it.

We were talking about our pasts and I was telling him how my last relationship was pretty serious to which he said so was his. He proceeded to tell me that his ex BOYFRIEND and him are still good friends.

I froze and asked him to did he mean his ex girlfriend to which he told me that he is bi sexual and his last relationship was with a man.

I was totally shocked. At the time I just went on with the date and after an hour or so I said I felt ill and needed to go home.

I am still in shock and don’t know if I am over reacting or old fashioned.

He is extremely attractive, has a great personality and we never stop laughing when we are together. I don’t know how to explain this but I never would have put him down as bi-sexual.

I am dumbfounded by this and don’t know what to do. I am afraid if I allowed this to go further and we did end up in a serious relationship, would he leave me for a man? Is he more attracted to men than women? Would I end up jealous of men and women?

It all seems too much. I spoke to a close friend of mine about it and she couldn’t believe it either. She said she couldn’t be in a relationship with a bi-sexual man and that I should end this now.

I don’t want to be old fashioned but I don’t know if I can continue to see someone who also likes men.

Please don’t mention my name.

What do you think of this message?

Do you think this woman is being old fashioned? Or would you be able to date someone who was bi-sexual?

In an ideal world, a person’s ex partners shouldn’t really be an issue for you. They left them for a reason and it should be left at that.

However, if their ex was someone of the same sex – does that change things for you?

Maybe you are bi-sexual or have dated someone who is b-sexual – I want to hear from you tonight.

So – would you have any issue dating a person who is bi-sexual?

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