Do you support the introduction of drug injection centres?

Do you support the introduction of drug injection centres?

Dublin businesses have hit out at plans to open supervised drug injection centres in the city centre.

Local businesses have claimed the centres will lead to the decriminalisation of hard drugs, as well as increased crime and drug dealing.

The Temple Bar Company, the Licensed Vintners Association and the Restaurants Association of Ireland – who represent over 1,000 city centre businesses – are opposed to the plans.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, the three organisations wrote to the Government demanding a public debate on the matter last week.

Ministers have confirmed that the Government will go ahead with plans to set up supervised injecting centres to help combat the city’s drug problem.

One supervised injecting centre is to open on a pilot basis in the coming months.

It is understood there are three locations are being looked at for the first injecting centre, one is on Abbey Street while another is on the South Quay. A third location on Baggot Street is also being considered, which would prove the most controversial as it is reportedly near Dail Eireann.

I’m going to be honest- I hate the idea of injection centres. I think it’s a ridiculous concept to give drug addicts who can be drains on society a happy safe little haven to shoot up in.

I’ve said it before on the show I just don’t think it’s the right way to try and tackle our drugs problem in this country.

However, I’m not in Government so these decisions aren’t mine to make. And it seems when it comes to this Government we have very different opinions on how to solve the drugs epidemic.

I am going to speak to Martin Harte in a moment about this. Martin is the CEO of The Temple Bar Company and wrote an article about this very subject in the Daily Mail.

He believes that giving addicts a city centre haven to shoot up won’t work. I am going to speak to him in more detail about this in a moment but before I do I want to ask you what you think.

Do you think injection centres are a good idea or a bad idea?

Some people believe that it’s simply hiding the problem of addicts on the streets and will not actually solve the problem.

However supporters of the centres believe that something has to be done and we cannot allow addicts to die on the streets.

The basics of the centre are so that addicts can inject drugs in a safe, secure and clean environment. They will bring their own drugs but will be provided with clean needles.

There will also be nurses and councilors on hand to help them deal with and tackle their addictions.

Anyone who works or lives in the city can see what a scourge drug and addicts are on an otherwise lovely city. The same can be said for Cork, Galway and Limerick – unfortunately is it a nationwide problem.

I recently read a story of how a young boy is awaiting test results after he was pricked by a used needle. He will wait an agonizing 6 months or so to find out if he has caught something from the needle.

So clearly something needs to be done to tackle this problem – but is giving addicts a haven to shoot up really the way we want to do it?

So – Do you support the idea of drug injection centres?

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