INTERVIEW : Brendan Rohan tells us of the on-line threats he has received because he flies the British flag at his hotel

Brendan Rohan served in the Irish Army for more than 20 years and is from Clones in County Monaghan. He is the owner of  Dunfanaghy Holiday Village at Corcreggan Mill in Donegal and has been attacked on-line for flying the British flag being displayed.

Brendan has vowed not to “bow down to bullies” after he was threatened for flying the Union flag. Trolls are using Facebook’s rating system to hurt his businesses’ credibility.

Brendan said that flying the flag of his guests’ home country is something he likes to do to help welcome them and he won’t give in to intimidation.

“A passerby phoned me to say he objected to the flag, which he called the ‘Butcher’s Apron’ and went on in a very derogatory way about his country’s national flag.

“Some of them are a bit off the wall, some are pretty derogatory, one guy is trying to incite locals to break all my windows, another guy said if I fly it again there will be no more Corcreggan Mill – so I’ve obviously reported those to the gardai.”

We could not believe the the threats that Brendan had received for flying the British flag at his hotel. Can you believe that people still use this intimidation? Or do you think have a right to protest?

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