How much should men spend on an engagement ring?

How much should men spend on an engagement ring?

I want to ask you this today because of a story that has gone viral today.

One woman has sparked a debate when she revealed that she was disappointed with the €1,400 engagement ring that her high earning fiancé bought for her, leading to accusations of greed and ungratefulness on her part by members of an online forum..

The woman wrote “His salary is nearing a six figure sum and he’s usually very generous,”

She went on to explain that she would have expected him to splash out a little more on such an important piece of jewellery.

The response however, was far less comforting than she might have hoped, with people expressing shock and horror at the bride-to-be’s reaction to the ring’s price tag.

One person said “Blimey. I’d have been delighted; talk about being ungrateful,

Another person said “1400 quid is a lot of money to most people no matter what he earns and you sound like the worst person imaginable. I hope he dumps you,”

Others however were quick to offer their support, understanding why she’d expect her high-earning fiancé to splash out a little more on such a significant ring.

One wrote “I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to be absolutely head over heels in love with a ring you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life

The woman explained how in an ideal scenario, she and her fiancé would have chosen a ring together.

Today I want to ask you what you think of this debate.

The old wives tail is that a man should spend 3 months wages on an engagement ring.

Women of Ireland – would you be insulted if a man proposed to you with a ring less than €1000?

Is this woman who sparked the debate being ungrateful and mean?

Or can you understand why she is upset with the cost of the ring? Is her fiancé the mean one?

I want to know what you think of this –

Is this woman being ungrateful?

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