Should the Gardai be held to a higher standard of the law than civilians?

You may have seen in the papers the story of a female Garda who was caught in a Kildare nightclub taking a Class A drug just before Christmas. When she was confronted by the security staff of the club she admitted that had used the drugs and that her colleague – a fellow Garda – had dealt her the drugs.


No charges have officially been taken yet against the 2 Gardai but the story as I said, has been plastered all over the media. A source said last night: “This is shocking. Gardai are absolutely disgusted to hear that this happened. There are brave and courageous members putting themselves in danger every day of the week fighting drug gangs, there is a murderous feud in Dublin and the fact of the matter is cocaine sales in Ireland directly fund these gangs.”


The local Garda station has been praised for reacting so swiftly to deal with this incident. They are investigating the incident fully and all those concerned. It is understood when Gardai questioned the woman she identified herself as an officer stationed in the Midlands.

When questioned further she identified her dealer as a colleague. Gardai are understood to have immediately called senior officers to alert them to the situation and to enforce a plan to target the drug-dealing operation.


Many of us in the office said that as these 2 individuals’ members of the Gardai, they should be heavily covered by the media. Why – you may ask? Well people said that we are supposed to put our faith in the Gardai that they will arrest people who break the law – even more so when it comes to drugs that is a huge medical and gangland issue in Ireland.  The Gardai have to be a step above the law at all times and ensure that they lead by example and furthermore this duo who were caught should be made an example of by the media.


Many people on social media had a different opinion. One comment said “I’m glad to see that the Gardai are going to investigate this crime fully and through to a possible conviction. However It looks like the media has decided that these 2 Gardai are going to be sacrificial lambs. They should be treated like all citizens of the country and get their trial in court and not on the front pages of the newspapers like it’s already started.”


That’s an interesting point. At the end of the day the Gardai were off duty when then committed the alleged crime and I’m sure they were not the only people in Ireland that night who were caught using drugs but they were the only ones reported in the papers because of their profession.


So tonight I want to ask you – Should it matter what your profession is when it comes to being charged for crimes especially against drugs? Or should all people be treated the same by the law when it comes to investigations and prosecutions?


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