Should families on the housing list be allowed to refuse a house?

Should families on the housing list be allowed to refuse a house?

I want to ask you that today because of an interview with had with a woman on last night’s show.

I am going to play the interview for you again today so you can hear her story.

Basically, Suzanne is on housing list 10 years and currently in emergency accommodation. She has three children and a partner. She was renting before but found that there was no security with renting.

She has been offered a house in what she called a bad area and she said the house is too small.

She said she will be on the streets by Wednesday is she doesn’t accept this house.

Today I want to know if you think people should be forced to take the house they are offered by a state or if you think they have a right to refuse if it is not what they want.

As it stands, people are allowed to refuse twice and if they refuse a third time they are put to bottom of list or even taken off it.

Families will tell council what type of house and area would suit them but the council cannot always give them what they want because of availability.

Some people may argue however that forcing families to move into a house that doesn’t suit the family for certain reasons like it’s not big enough, not close to schools and other reasons that have been used in the past would be unfair and cruel, but can beggars really be choosers?

I know that might seem like a harsh sentence, but if you are getting a house from the state that will cost you a hell of a lot less than getting a mortgage, do you really have the right to be picky?

Can you understand why someone might refuse a council house?

Or does it anger you that people are being so picky about a house that they are getting for free?

So here’s the question… Should people on the housing list be forced to take the first house they are being offered?

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