Should people on housing lists be made to take vacant rural properties?

Relocating people who can’t find a house in Dublin to the rural countryside could be one of the potential solutions to the ever increasing housing crisis.

Independent TD for Clare Dr Michael Harty, is working on a plan which will seek to encourage people who are on the social housing list or receiving the HAP allowance to move to a rural town and village.

It’s being reported that Housing Minister Minister Eoghan Murphy told local authorities that the ‘Rural Population Rejuvenation Programme’ could be a workable solution to reduce housing lists.

This proposal is based on families entertaining the idea of leaving their city centre temporary accommodation. IS THAT RIGHT?

Many on social media felt that people on waiting lists should not have the choice in the situation if they are desperate for a home.

One person wrote “There are so many people refusing to take properties on Housing Waiting Lists. They want to hold on for a prime location site close to their families and friends and sponge off the state – Single mothers are the worst!”

It was those final few words ‘Single Mothers are the worst’ that riled up many. People rightly pointed out that there are a considerable number of single unemployed mothers on the housing lists in Dublin and many Irish cities. They’ve been unemployed for several years and now with children, the likelihood of them gaining or seeking employment remains low.

Would it not make sense to make these unemployed single mothers move to vacant rural accommodation or is that victimisation?

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