Should Ireland decriminalize drugs use?

Should Ireland decriminalize drugs use?

Well….the possession of small quantities of drugs including heroin, cocaine and cannabis for personal use could be decriminalised under proposals being discussed by the Government today.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Minister for Health Simon Harris and Minister of State for Drugs Catherine Byrne are to publish the National Drugs Strategy, which will govern the official approach to substance abuse through 2020.

The strategy will confirm the establishment of a working group to assess alternatives to criminal convictions for minor drug possession.

The aim is to have a health-led approach rather than criminalizing those in possession of drugs.

They will look at how other countries deal with drug problems.

The argument against it is of course that if it is decriminalized, more people will try drugs because the stigma will be gone.

Some have argued that people won’t be afraid to get caught with drugs anymore meaning more people will start taking them.

So, will it actually solve the drug problem or make it worse?

So should the possession of drugs be decriminalized in this country?

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