Should Ireland follow the rest of Europe and extend their night club opening hours?

There is a campaign to extend Ireland’s night club hours and it is being led by the organisation ‘Give Us The Night’. We will be speaking to one of the founders and organisers of the group – Sunil Sharpe – now in a moment.

Just to give you the background on the group ‘Give Us The Night’ is an independent volunteer group of professionals within the music industry, campaigning to bring about a change to the licensing laws in Ireland, with particular regard to nightclubs.

They formed as a campaign group in September 2004, in response to Garda Síochána proposals recommending the curtailing of nightclub opening hours to 1.30 am from their current 2.30 am curfew.

Currently their campaign is lobbying for sequential closing times between bars, late bars and nightclubs across Ireland and creating debate and logical discussion about licensing laws with a view to bringing in progressive Irish licensing laws for the whole country in the long term.

This has caught the public’s attention this week with many people saying that having later closing times on night clubs will avoid the nation’s street every weekend night filled with thousand of drunk party revellers descending on fast-food outlets and taxi ranks at the same time. The inevitable happens and drunken people get into fights fuelled by alcohol and too many people concentrated in one place.

That surely can be avoided if we adopt the European closing hours of night clubs where people don’t feel the need to rush their night out and drink in a short period of time. Plus it provides more employment for the nightclubs and possibly less drunken behaviour for the Gardai to deal with.

Others though are saying that there is no need to shorten the night club hours. People are already drinking in bars and at home before they hit the night clubs. Others are saying that this is only putting temptation in front of people which could lead to more people becoming dependent on alcohol. Heaven knows we already have an alcoholic issue in Ireland. One look down the main streets of any town will show you that.

But is the extension of the opening hours of night clubs the way forward? So today I want to ask you today is – Should Ireland follow the rest of Europe and extend their night club opening hours?

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