Should Irish people be more understanding of other people’s religions and cultures?

Should Irish people be more understanding of other people’s religions and cultures?

We got an interesting email into the show that I want you to hear.

Have a listen to it.

Hi Niall,

Can you talk about something that happened to me recently! I was at a doctor’s appointment and the doctor so happened to be Muslim. Absolutely no big deal – it didn’t bother me and still doesn’t. I was sick, I needed treatment and he helped me.

However, one thing did annoy me slightly and it is something that I can’t seem to get out of my head.

When I was leaving the doctor’s office after he gave me my prescription, I went to shake his hand as a gesture to say thanks for looking after me. It is something I would always do. He refused! He said that it was against his religion to shake my hand and apologised.

Shocked, I just walked out and said thank you!

As I was walking home, I started to get angrier. I don’t understand why shaking my hand would be against his religion. I should mention that I am a woman! It is common courtesy in Ireland and I don’t understand why he cannot abide by them. He lives in Ireland now. I don’t want to sound like I am some anti-religious freedom person because I am not. I simply felt insulted by it and I believe people who come to live in Ireland should live by our way of life. When in Rome do as the Romans do and all that!

Anyway maybe you might discuss this on your show some night.

Thank you – Mairead.

I don’t know what you think of Mairead’s message?

Do you think she is right? Or should she be more understanding of the fact that Ireland is much more multi-cultural country now.

Do you think Mairead is over-reacting?

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