Interview with Leon Redlinski & How should convicted minors be treated in the legal system?

Viral videos and pictures usually put a small on your face but one such set of pictures have literally moved people across the country and beyond Ireland.

A young man Leon Redlinski posted pictures on social media on Monday. They showed the horrific injuries he had received at the hands of a group of underage youths as he cycled home from work late at night.

We spoke to Leon about his brutal attack and how he is trying to warn other people about opportunistic juvenile criminals.

We then discussed with callers what action they thought convicted minors should receive from the courts.

Oberstown juvenile centre is where convicted minors have normally been sent to. There they would serve their time and receive any necessary therapy.

They are now wanting to trial allowing these convicted minors receive their therapy while staying at home in the community.

Do you agree with the government’s decision not to incarcerate young offenders?

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Photo : Courtesy of Leon Redlinski

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