Dublin Pride Festival – Is Ireland an Equal society now?

2 years ago Ireland was the center of media coverage when we became the first country in the world to publicly vote in same sex marriage.

Fast forward 2 years and we now have an openly gay Taoiseach. It seems as if Irish society has become inclusive. Recently there was public outrage when the LGBTQ bar ‘The George’ was vandalised with hate graffiti.

Not sure if you are aware but this week is Gay Pride Week in Dublin. This Saturday will see the hugely colourful and family orientated ‘Gay Pride March’.

The Pride March has transformed since its inception. Being gay is no longer a criminal offense. One cannot be discriminated at the workplace or socially because of your sexual orientation.  The Pride movement has been successful in getting what they have fought long and hard for.

We spoke to Eddie McGuinness – The Frestival Manager for Dublin Pride – about the full rage of events that are on for the Dublin Pride Festival. For more details check out the Official Website HERE

The Dublin Pride Parade will be taking place this year on June 24th 2017. Participants will gather from 11am and the parade begins at 2pm sharp.

People and floats taking part in the parade will be assembling at St. Stephen’s Green. Follow this link if you want to participate in the parade.

We also asked if people thought that the Pride Movement had accomplished all of its goals?

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