Are those who attend mass and refuse to take communion hypocritical?

Are those who attend mass and refuse to take communion hypocritical?

I know it sounds like a bizarre question, but it’s a debate that arose in the office today.

PJ Gallagher ended up getting his hands on some holy communion discs (UNBLESSED and NOT from a church) for some random reason and we got talking about the amount of people who now refuse to take communion when attending a mass.

Mike was at a funeral recently and he was taken aback with the amount of people who didn’t walk up the aisle to receive holy communion in protest.

If you’re going to attend the ceremony in the first place, why not get involved.

Surely, if you want to protest, you wouldn’t attend the church even in the first place.

If you don’t believe the giving of community represents anything, why are you so afraid to take it?

But maybe you think I’m completely wrong and that it would be hypocritical of non practicing Catholics to receive holy communion.

Maybe I’m hypocritical for taking it when I’m at a funeral, baptism or wedding mass.

This topic can be expanded to other religious hypocrisies too. Maybe you think people who become sponsors of kids doing confirmations are hypocritical if they are not religious.

Then of course there’s the whole debate around parents getting their children baptised to get in to schools.

But for the moment let’s stick to the debate about those who stay in their seats in protest when communion is being offered.

Do you think they are hypocrites for being there in the first place?

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