Do you believe in the miracle of Lourdes?

Do you believe in the miracle of Lourdes?

I know it isn’t usually a question you would hear me ask but the reason I am asking it is because over 2,000 people left Dublin airport on board 10 different flights to Lourdes today.

So even though I don’t believe in it, there are clearly many people who do.

This group heading to Lourdes today includes 200 sick pilgrims, parishioners, students, priests, volunteers, musicians and medical teams.

Demand for places to travel to Lourdes with the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage increased considerably this year with a capacity number of sick pilgrims making the journey to the French Marian Shrine.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is leading the Pilgrimage for the 14th time as Archbishop of Dublin.

The organisers of the Pilgrimages to Lourdes were taken aback at the level of demand for 2017, with Fr. Martin Noone admitting that they were very unhappy with not to be able to take everyone who wished to travel.

He highlighted the fact the pilgrims would be praying every day for the success of the forthcoming World Meeting of Families and possible visit of Pope Francis in August 2018.

Many sick people who head to Lourdes do so in the hope their ailment may be cures or eased.


The famous Marian shrine in Lourdes received an official declaration from the Bishop of Pavia in Italy stating that the 69th miracle has taken place there.

An official from the Vatican’s Congregation for Saints’ Causes explained in a conversation with Catholic New Agency how the process of miracles works.

He said “When a miracle is recognized by the Medical Bureau of the Sanctuary of Lourdes, the paperwork is sent back to the diocese of origin. When recognized by the local bishop, it is recognized officially by the Church as a miracle through the intercession of Our Lady,”

Tonight I want to know if you buy into this or if you think it is a money making racket and a load of nonsense.

I want to know what you think – Do you believe in miracles at Lourdes and other holy places?

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