Would you object to social housing being built near you?

Would you have an issue with social housing being build near a private estate?

It seems like a mouth-full of a question but have a listen to the context first.

We got a message in from a listener –

Have a listen to it,

Hi Niall,

Can you talk about something for me because my blood is boiling right now? My 11 year old son came home from school the other day beaten to a pulp by a little scut that lives down the road. He lives in the new social housing estate that was built. He walks home from school because we don’t live far from it but he passes this social housing estate and the kids in it are ferrel. I have seen some of them in action and they would honestly intimidate you.

Their parents are nowhere to be seen and they run amuck. My son told me that this particular scut has been giving him grief. He only told me after the hiding he got so I was none the wiser. 

It is a case of scum breeding scum Niall and I am sick to my teeth of it at this stage. We pay a big mortgage for our house and these gorier just get a cheap house and have no respect for anything or anyone.

The Government are talking about building more and more social housing – but where will they go?

They have to put them close to honest, taxpaying families like mine and we end up paying the price with anti-social behaviour and our children becoming victims of attacks.

I have taken steps to protect my son – he won’t be walking home anymore but there is nothing else I can really do. The parents won’t care if I go to them about it.

This needs to be talked about because honest families are the ones suffering in the end.

Thanks, An angry mother.


Well what do you think of this mother’s email?

She clearly blames social housing for the fact that her son was beaten up. Personally I don’t know if that is fair but I can see where she is coming from.

She believes that people in social housing are basically bringing down the area and that it is unfair to build social housing close to private estates.

Is she being a snob? Or do you agree with her?

Here’s the question tonight –

Would you object to social housing being built near you?

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