Would you be offended if a potential partner asked you to take an STI test?

Would you be offended if a potential partner asked you to take an STI test?

The popularity of dating apps may have led to an increase in the amount of sexually transmitted infections being reported in Ireland.

According to Dr. Ilona Duffy, sex education needs to be improved to decrease the prevalence of STIs in Irish society.

However, she has pointed to the emergence of STI clinics as one of the reasons behind the inflated figures.

She believes modern attitudes towards casual sex are one of the main contributing factors to the rise in infections.

She said “We’re seeing the likes of Tinder, other websites where people are hooking up purely for sex and people, young people especially, don’t have the same hang ups as they had years ago – worrying about pregnancy, worrying about STIs, worrying just about their reputation,”.

She went on to say that “While it is fine to be on Tinder etc and meeting up people for casual sex – you’ve got to take precautions and I think that’s not out there,”

Tonight I want to talk about the rise in STI’s in Ireland and the new age approach to casual sex.

Is casual sex a good thing or a bad thing in society?

Would you ask a potential partner to take a STI test before sleeping with them?

Or do you think it is offensive to assume that they may have an STI?

Put yourself in the situation – you are dating a guy or girl and you decide to take things to the next level. The woman or man you are dating whips out a home STI kit and asks you to do it – Would you be offended?

It would certainly be a mood killer but with the rise of STI’s in Ireland maybe it is necessary.

How would you react?

In 1995, just over 3,000 STIs were diagnosed; by 2013 it was 12,753, so is it time to change our attitude to testing?

A survey by insurer Aviva Health in 2013 found that 70 per cent of people surveyed had never had an STI test.

Tonight I want to know what you think –

Would you be offended if someone asked you to take an STI test?

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