Should older drivers be forced to take an extensive driving test once they reach the age of 65?

Should older drivers be forced to take an extensive driving test once they reach the age of 65?

I know we have spoken about this before but the reason I want to ask you this is because of horrifying video footage showing the moment a grandmother lost control of her car and mounted the pavement killing a woman who was visiting her young niece.

A 68 year old woman in the UK was jailed for 28 months as a result of the crash, which happened in December 2016.

Tragically a 44 year old died after being struck and slammed into railings, and the horror scene was discovered by her niece.

The car can be seen swerve from the right hand side of the road and into the pedestrian, before crashing.

Another man was also thrown into the side of a passing bus before landing on a crumpled heap on the pavement.

The grandmother was seen getting out of the car and rubbing her head before telling others that she had “lost her brakes”.

She also tried to claim the woman she had killed had already been lying underneath the pile of bricks.

A judge sitting at Reading Crown Court was shown the footage during the sentencing hearing and told the grandmother that “It’s a piece of driving where you made a serious mistake which had tragic consequences.”

A judge heard that Sall was driving the estate car on a 30mph busy residential street when the “phenomenon of unintended acceleration” caused her to suddenly swerve, narrowly avoiding a lorry and bus before mounting the pavement and crashing into the railings and a number of passers-by.

A 20-year-old man on his lunch break was also struck and sustained life-changing injuries to both legs.

The grandmother sat with her hands in a praying position in the dock as the Judge delivered his sentencing to a packed courtroom.

The judge said “Whatever sentence I pass will be a harsh one for a 68-year-old’s five children and 10 grandchildren.

The judge went on to explain the phenomenon of unintended acceleration, where drivers mistake the accelerator for the brake and in the panic press down harder on the incorrect pedal.

The grandmother’s family were in tears as their mother was led away to begin her prison sentence of 28 months behind bars.

The pensioner was also disqualified from driving for six years once she is released.

It was also noted that she wasn’t wearing her prescription glasses that her licence said she should.

Today I want to know if you think people should go to prison for accidents.

This grandmother did not go out with the intension to kill this woman and due to a tragic accident a woman lost her life.

Some people will say that justice must prevail for the woman who lost her life but is a prison sentence the right punishment for this grandmother?

I want to know what you think –

Do you have any sympathy for this Grandmother?

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