Do you think putting a parent into a nursing home is selfish?

Do you think putting a parent into a nursing home is selfish?

I want to ask you this because of a Facebook message we got into the show.

Hi Niall,

Could you talk about people who put their parents into nursing homes and leave them there at Christmas time? My neighbour put her mother into a home recently. Her father passed away last year and she had moved her family in to her mother’s home take care of her. The mother has Alzheimer’s and I know the last couple of months were hard for my neighbour.

The last few months were too hard and she eventually put her mother into care. They are living in the house now and I believe that is what the mother wanted.

Anyway, I was talking to her the other day in passing about Christmas and I happened to ask was she taking her mother home for Christmas day – to my horror she said no. She said Christmas is going to be about her kids this year and that her mother was so far gone she has no idea its Christmas anyway.

I couldn’t believe how cold her answer was. I just said my goodbyes and went on about my business but the conversation stuck with me. Before this I didn’t think much of people going into care homes but since that conversation I can’t help but think how completely cold and cruel it is to just throw your parent into a nursing home and simply forget about them.

I have been genuinely upset thinking about how this woman will be sitting in a home surrounded by strangers on Christmas day while her family are eating and celebrating the holiday.

Please talk about this- nobody should be alone at Christmas time.

Well what do you think of this message?

Do you think it is selfish to put a parent into a nursing home?

Or can you understand why people do it?

So – Is it selfish to put a parent into a nursing home?

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