Should a parent be prosecuted for the criminal actions of their underage children?

Do you think the parents of children who commit anti social behaviour should be punished?

I want to ask you that today because a land mark case in the UK has taken this issue to a whole new level.

It has been revealed that a parent has been prosecuted for not stopping her child committing anti-social behaviour. The parent appeared at Lancaster Magistrates’ Court on Monday for three breaches of a community protection notice and was fined £280 for her child’s misdemeanours.

And today I want to know if you think similar punishment should happen here.

The police in the UK said that the Mother was prosecuted as a last resort following countless attempts to rehabilitate her son. A post on the local Police Facebook page said: “We have been trying to assist the parent in engaging the necessary support services to help, however, in the end we have had to take this action to make them accountable.”


Looking at the on-line comments, many people said that it was about time that parents were held accountable for the actions of their children.

On the other hand, many people are outraged that a parent should be punished like this. One person online said for example – “parenting is not easy and sometimes it’s very difficult to control an unruly child. This is so unfair”!


There’s no doubt that we do have a big anti social behaviour problem in this country particularly in the large cities. There are no go areas for Gardai and a lot of teens simply don’t respect the Guards.

There are kids out on the street til all hours and you’d have to wonder where the parents are!

So is it fair to punish the parents rather than the kids?

Should they be held accountable for their children’s actions?


Others as I’ve mentioned will say that you can try and control your child and keep them in line but some will always be wild.

We all know that one kidwho just can’t be controlled. Should it therefore be the parent who is prosecuted?

So where does the blame and responsibility lie for children who are anti social behaviour offenders?

Should a parent be prosecuted for the criminal actions of their underage children?

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