Do you think a parent who wants to terminate a pregnancy because of a disability is wrong?

Do you think a parent who wants to terminate a pregnancy because of a disability is wrong?

Have a listen to this email that was sent into us.

Hi Niall,

Can you talk about something on your show for me please? My sister is pregnant and just found out that her baby will be born disabled. I don’t particularly want to get into the baby’s disability but my sister and her boyfriend would become full time carers for their child.

It came as a huge shock to the entire family. We all sat around the kitchen table as they told us. Everyone was visibly upset and shocked.

Later that evening my sister called me and told me that her and her boyfriend had an argument when they got home. She had told her boyfriend that she was thinking of a termination because she didn’t think it was fair on the child to knowingly bring it into the world with such harsh disabilities.

She said that she thought it was cruel to knowingly give birth to the child when she feels that the child has no chance at a normal life.

Her boyfriend however did not agree with her. He said that their child should be born no matter what. He said that this pregnancy is already a human being and that they would have no right to terminate. Bascially he said every human has the right to life. 

She told that they are not talking at the moment because of her view on this and she asked me what I thought. I honestly couldn’t give her an answer and I have been thinking about it ever since. Who is right here? Is her boyfriend right? Or is she right to not want to bring a baby into the world who in her words – has no chance at a normal life.

I know she is not coming from a selfish point of view – she is the most caring person in the world and she would be a fantastic mother no matter what. I know this is coming from a genuine concern for the baby growing up.

Can you ask your listeners about this and please keep me anonymous – I want to know what they think –

Who is right here- My sister or her boyfriend?

So what do you think of this email?

It’s a very tough situation – basically the parents know there baby will be severely disabled. One parent think a termination is the right thing to do, the other parent is totally against it.

Who is right?

The mother thinks it wrong to knowingly bring a child into the world that may have a limited life due to its disability.

The father thinks that their child will be loved no matter what and that every person has a right to life.

I am not for one minute saying that a child with a severe disability is any less a person. I am just talking about this emailers dilemma.

Who do you think is right – The mother or the father?

I want to get your opinions on this –

Who do you think is making the better choice in this situation?

Mother or father?

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