Should child sex dolls be used in the therapy of pedophiles?

Sex dolls are something that we have spoken about on the show before and some people will giggle and others won’t even bat an eyelid. However we came across a story this week that caught our eye.

The New York Post wrote a story concerning a seizure of child sex dolls by Norwegian customs. However the interesting point about this story was that a Finnish organisation called The Sexpo Foundation sent an open letter to the Norwegian Government asking that the child dolls be made available to people who have feelings of a pedophile nature.

The letter by Sexpo Foundation Executive Director Tommi Paalanen said : “Both Sexpo services and international studies have shown that the risk of a sexual offense against a child can be reduced by providing a pedophile with a channel for their desires…Sex dolls are one such channel. A person who uses a lot of money and effort to purchase the doll has already made the decision that he wants to carry out the sexual tendency.”

Essentially they are asking that customs do not hamper the availability of the child sex dolls from a therapeutic point of view.

We had Tommi Paalanen on the show along with self confessed pedophile Todd Nickerson. This is a pod cast like no other and a must listen to!

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