Is Primary School too early to teach children about Gender and Sexuality?

Lil Miss Hot Mess – teaching children about gender and sexuality

Should children be taught about the complexities of life such as gender, race and sexuality?

Gender, Race, Religion and Sexuality are always a source of discussion with our listeners. Then throw in how you talk to children on these topics – it can sometimes divide public opinion.

Now we came across a video from New York where a Drag Queen called Lil Miss Hot Mess was reading stories at the Brooklyn Public Library to children. The stories discussed had themes of gender and sexuality.

Times have changed since you and I were in school. How and when we had that “Special Talk on the Birds and Bees” was put off to the latest point possible.

We live in a different world now though and we have children being able to access the internet on their telephones.

We will also see many different family situations whereby a child may have two daddies and two mammies as opposed to the traditional family that children are used to at the moment.

Look kids are far more streetwise than we ever where and if you like it or not, they are being exposed to all these issues.


With extreme points of view everywhere is it not better that we actually take an active role in teaching our children the facts about life. Surely as a parent you would want your children to be informed and more acceptable of differences in us all?

Maybe you don’t agree and you think children should be censored from things until they are old enough to properly understand.

Some people may be concerned that we are stealing our children of their innocence. We were not exposed to sexuality and gender when we were growing up and we are in the main tolerant of people from different backgrounds and life styles.

Two years ago Ireland voted overwhelmingly to legalise same sex marriage. We were the first nation to publicly vote in same sex marriage. So do we really need to expose young children to such complex topics?

Can we not wait until they are older and are in a position to make up their own minds? Why are we in such a rush to make them grow up? Should we let them develop at their own pace? Or should they be thought about it at a much younger age – possibly in primary school?

Should we teach our children about gender, race, religion and sexual differences when they are in primary school?

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