Should we have welcomed Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall to Ireland?

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have been on a state visit to Ireland and today they are in Dublin. Yesterday Kilkenny was in total lockdown for their visit as security measures for them are extremely tight.

Today is a significant day as they will be in Dublin and visiting historical sites that have a deep connection to the British occupation of Ireland.

The Royal family have been on a charm offensive. Prince William and Kate have done lots to personalise the monarchy for many.

It would appear that people are over the hangover of the British occupation of Ireland and see that as time has gone on that both countries have built up strong political, economic and cultural ties with each other. Gone are the days that people would be skeptical of an English accent on the streets of an Ireland. Sure look at how many British companies are centered out of Ireland. We’re closely linked together.

The past is in the past and we’ve all moved on. Or have we?

For many the very fact that the couple are visiting the resting place of several of the 1916 Rising victims, is disrespectful and in bad taste. The continued occupation of the 6 counties in Northern Ireland since Brexit has come front and centre in Irish politics.

Many still see Northern Ireland as a continuation of British occupation on the island of Ireland.  With some 2,500 British soldiers actively stationed in the North are we still looking at a military presence?

So we asked should we have welcomed Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall to Ireland?

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