“Why do you want me DEAD?” – Pro-Life Activists Rebecca Kiessling & Jennifer Christie asked!

Abortion will be a topic that Irish people will be debating over the coming year. Today Niall had in studio American Pro-Life activists Rebecca Kiessling and Jennifer Christie whose talk for ‘Unbroken Ireland’ was cancelled in Dublin’s Gibson Hotel.

Today saw activists claiming to be from People Before Profit, remove posters advertising ‘Unbroken Ireland’s’ conference around parts of Dublin. Adrienne Wallace from People Beofre Profit was also on the show along with other Pro-Choice activists debating the Repeal the 8th movement.

This got very heated and saw the station flooded with callers wanting to discuss Rebecca and Jennifer’s comments which included “It’s unfortunate that people would go to England and allow British people to kill your children.”

This is a must listen to podcast! Do you think we should allow abortion in Ireland?

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