Should we respect the older generations views?

Should respect the generation gap?

What I mean by that is should we respect those people who have very different views of the world than society today.

For example, an episode of living with Lucy is on TV tonight in which the presenter moves in with music legend Dickie Rock.

While Lucy got along with Dickie, she did say that some of his views, which he expresses on the show, are very old-fashioned and there was a generation divide between them.

Dickie Rock is 79 years of age and has a different view on certain aspects of life than society today.

According to Lucy, Dickie has some old fashioned views towards marriage, women being at home and that women are trying to do men’s jobs in relation to gender equality.

Now – for some people those types of views are not a representative of modern Ireland and I know that there are some people out there who would take exception to his views.

They would say that he should be taught about how his views are not in line with modern thinking and in some way forced to conform to the way of thinking of the more liberal of society.

I am not just talking about Dickie Rock, there are many men and women out there who would have similar views.

They may have voted no to gay marriage, they may not agree with abortion, they may believe a women’s place is in the home.

They come from a different time in Ireland whereby they grew up with these believes, that would have been popular beliefs in Ireland.

But Ireland has definitely changed, with the introduction of same sex marriage, same sex adoption, a looming referendum on abortion – should we be trying to change the older generation’s views? Or leave them be?

Should we respect their views or try and change them?

I want to know what you think –

So here’s the question – Should we respect the older generations views?

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