Seagulls – Did one caller just say that she had a seagull as a house pet?

Seagull gate is back in the news again because a Fianna fail Senator has suggested using lasers as an alternative to culling “aggressive seagulls” in urban areas.

The Fianna Fáil Senator, Lorraine Clifford-Lee told the Seanad yesterday that seagulls “are dangerous, dirty and it’s impossible to get a night’s sleep for several months each summer as they nest and rear their young.

They have a tendency to attack and reports from members of the public locally suggest that they viciously attack for scraps.

The Dublin Fingal politician stressed that although it seemed like a joke, that seagulls were ‘increasingly aggressive’ and “a European-wide issue”.

You will NOT believe the stories that our listeners had about their encounters with seagulls. One caller had a seagull as a pet who lived in her house! Take a listen and keep an ear out for the special guests on the show!

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