Kathryn Thomas Comes Under Fire From Dublin City Council For Sexist Comments

“You’re at total ride, Hey Sweet Cheeks, Well You’re Hot” – All comments that I’m sure people tonight will be saying to me at the Listeners Party here in D2 in Dublin.

However are these appropriate comments to make especially following recent events for other people in the media spotlight – you know who I’m talking about. But seriously are these comments just a bit of banter or are they encroaching on people’s personal space.

The reason why I ask this is because Dublin City Council have started a new campaign that you may have seen across the city. It says “A Sexist Remark Is Not A Compliment”. Would you agree with that?

Niall spoke to Councillor Janice Boylan about campaign and what they hope to achieve from it.

But I want to ask you if you would be offended if someone say in the office or in a club came up to you and threw you out one of these one liners “Ya Ride, Those legs go on for ever or Buns of Steel”.

Would you be offended if someone said that to you? Or is this just PC thinking gone way too far. Are the days when you could have some harmless banter seem to be long gone. Would shows like ‘The Benny Hill Show’ have a place of TV’s today?

Do guys and girls still pass cheeky topics today or are they scared to even utter something that might be seen as offensive? You will remember we had Aisling from the station on the air earlier this week when we were talking about wolf whistling and she said that the comments she got were above and beyond a bit of banter. Some people – especially women – can feel intimidated if a group of men harass a woman.

Look is this PC culture gone too far or is the new Dublin City Campaign right “A sexist Comment is Not A Compliment”

Is a sexy comment from someone just a compliment or is it harassment?

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